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How to Read Candlestick Patterns in Forex

When it comes to online forex trading, understanding candlestick patterns is essential for traders looking to gauge market sentiment and make informed decisions. These patterns, which have been used since the 18th century in Japan, are now a fundamental aspect of technical analysis in the trading world, including platforms like Xtreamforex. This blog aims to demystify candlestick patterns and provide practical insights for reading them effectively in forex trading.

Understanding Candlesticks

Before diving into patterns, it’s crucial to understand the basics of a candlestick. Each candlestick represents price movements within a specific timeframe, which can be as short as a minute or as long as a month. The main parts of a candlestick are the body, which shows the opening and closing prices, and the wicks, or shadows, which indicate the high and low prices. A candlestick turns bullish (usually colored white or green) when the closing price exceeds the opening price and turns bearish (colored black or red) when the closing price is lower.

Single Candlestick Patterns

Single candlestick patterns are the simplest to identify. They provide quick insights but should be considered within the larger market context. Some key single candlestick patterns include:

  1. Doji: This occurs when the opening and closing prices are virtually the same, representing indecision in the market.
  2. Hammer and Hanging Man: These have small bodies and long lower wicks. A hammer forms in a downtrend. This indicates potential reversal or strengthening, while a hanging man forms in an uptrend and suggests weakness.

Multiple Candlestick Patterns

To gain a deeper market insight, traders look at multiple candlestick patterns, which involve two or more candles. So, some common ones include:

  1. Engulfing Pattern: This is a two-candle pattern where a large candle ‘engulfs’ the smaller opposite-colored preceding candle which indicates a potential trend reversal.
  2. Morning Star and Evening Star: These are three-candle patterns which signal reversals from bearish to bullish (morning star) or bullish to bearish (evening star).

Utilizing Candlestick Patterns in Online Forex Trading

In online forex trading platforms like Xtreamforex, traders can view real-time candlestick charts and apply these patterns to their strategy. Here are some tips:

  1. Combine with Other Indicators: While candlestick patterns are powerful, they are more effective when combined with other technical indicators like moving averages or RSI.
  2.  Look for Confirmation: Always wait for additional confirmation through subsequent candlesticks or indicators before making a trade.
  3.  Practice on Demo Accounts: Platforms often offer demo accounts. These are where you can practice recognizing and trading based on candlestick patterns without financial risk.


Candlestick patterns are a vital tool in a trader’s arsenal, especially in the dynamic world of online forex trading. They provide visual cues about market sentiment and potential price movements. By learning to read these patterns, traders on platforms like Xtreamforex can make more informed decisions, manage risks better, and potentially increase their success in the forex market. As with any trading strategy, practice, continuous learning, and a cautious approach considering multiple indicators are key to mastering the art of candlestick pattern reading.