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GBP/USD Defensive Below 1.2750 Amid Stronger USD

GBP/USD Defensive Below 1.2750 Amid Stronger USD

During the early Asian trading hours on Monday, the GBP/USD pair recovered some of its lost ground, hovering around 1.2725. However, the upside for GBP/USD might be limited due to lower expectations of US Federal Reserve (Fed) rate cuts this year, following stronger-than-expected US Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) data. Investors are now turning their attention to the UK employment data for May, which is scheduled for release on Tuesday. Additionally, key events on the US economic calendar this week include the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, which will be closely watched by the market.

On Friday, the US Nonfarm Payrolls report revealed a substantial increase of 272,000 jobs in May, up from a 165,000 rise in April and significantly above the market consensus of 185,000. Despite this strong job growth, the Unemployment Rate edged up to 4.0% in May from 3.9% in April. Average Hourly Earnings also showed an impressive year-over-year increase of 4.1% in May, revised up from 3.9% in April, and surpassing the estimated 3.9%. These figures, released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, highlight the robustness of the US labor market.

The solid employment data has led to a reassessment of future monetary policy moves by the Federal Reserve. The likelihood of a rate cut before September has diminished, with futures traders seeing almost no chance of such a move, according to data from CME Group. This higher-for-longer rate outlook is expected to provide support for the US Dollar (USD) in the near term.In contrast, the focus in the UK will be on the employment data set to be released on Tuesday. This includes the Claimant Count Change, Employment Change, and Average Earnings data. Any indication of increased layoffs could prompt expectations of early rate cuts by the Bank of England (BoE), which would likely weaken the Pound Sterling (GBP).

The market’s attention is also on the upcoming US CPI data and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision. The CPI data will offer insights into the inflationary pressures in the US economy, while the Fed’s decision will provide guidance on the future path of interest rates. These events are crucial for the USD’s performance and, by extension, the GBP/USD pair’s movement.Overall, while the GBP/USD pair has shown some recovery, its upside potential may be constrained by the current economic data and central bank policies. Investors will be closely monitoring the UK employment report and the US CPI and Fed announcements for further direction.