Forex Beginner Course

Welcome to the xtrememarkets Education Centre. Here at the Forex education centre our aim is to teach you in simple terms about the forex market. From understanding the underlying reason as to why the Forex market exists to basic strategies that are the foundations of understanding the dynamics of the Forex market.

We will also use the resource centre to update our clients on upcoming seminars and webinars and occasionally we will seek to get high profile and experienced participants in the Forex markets to offer us their insights through interviews and live question and answer sessions.

XtreamForex e-Course

XtreamForex places great emphasis on Forex Education. So do you want to increase your Trading Knowledge? Then just open a XtreamForex Demo or Live Account and use the login details to login to the Trader’s Room.
After you login, simply click on the ‘EDUCATION’ tab to view our Training course.

In this course you will learn:

  • The basics of Forex Theory
  • Reading and Interpreting Charts
  • The Right Trading Psychology
  • The Basics of Forex Trading
  • Trading Strategies
  • Technical Analysis